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Unpolluted Mountains

Mountain trash takes a hike with us

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Spendenaktion "Guter Pfad, gute Tat"

Christoph wandert im April von Wien nach Salzburg. Neben Müll sammelt er auf dem Weg auch Spenden für einen guten Zweck. Für einen #estutnichtweh-Aktionstag mit Kindern, die es nicht so leicht haben. Auch du kannst einen wertvollen Beitrag leisten.

Who we are

We are a non-profit organization committed to keeping our natural environment clean and our mountains unpolluted. If we stumble across trash, we pick it up and take it with us – because, as we say in German "es tut nicht weh" (it won't hurt). We're at home outdoors. Let's conserve it for our future.

Our tools

In order to free our mountains from trash, we offer an exclusive starter kit of trash collecting tools to every member. We never go on tour without these three:


Our "Drecksackerl" is a reusable trash bag that wants

to be fed with cans, plastic bottles or whatever junk

you encounter on the way.

Made from fabric remnants in the EU, every piece is unique. Simply attach it to your backpack with a carabiner and, if needed, wash it at 30° C.

Our garbage tongs

("Mistzangerl") keep your hands clean, no matter how much crap you pick up with them. Made from beech wood and sustainably 

manufactured in Germany.


Ever flicked a cigarette away because you didn't know

where to dispose of it? 

Our "Tschickdoserl" is a mobile ash tray that swallows cigarette butts - closable, fireproof and indispensable for

smokers on tour. 


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