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#estutnichtwehOur organization

Our history

It all started with an alpine crossing where mountain guide, #ETNW-founder and president Renate Steinacher picked up trash to take it down to the valley, as always. When asked by a fellow wanderer why she did that, her quick response was: "Because it won't hurt!" The idea was born and in December 2018  Renate founded the non-profit organization "#estutnichtweh“ (short: #ETNW; English: "#itwonthurt").

Our philosophy

or in short: here's where we come from

We do what we love: we explore the mountains and if we spot garbage on our way, we just pick it up and take it home. Because if everyone out there makes just a small effort en route, in sum this will have a huge impact on our environment. It won't hurt to get active.

Our Mission

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News from the mountains

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