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Get active

You want to get active? Great! Become part of our community now.

On Facebook, Instagram, or even better: as a supporting member or sponsor.

Welcome on board.

Supporting members

Your best best if you really care about our environment. As a member you become a player, not just a spectator. Your benefits: you're supporting a good cause, meet like-minded people and are invited to take part in common activities.

You also get an exclusive #ETNW starter kit comprising: our #ETNW-Drecksackerl (reusable trash bag), our #ETNW-Mistzangerl (garbage tongs) and our #ETNW-Tschickdoserl (mobile ash tray) –  so that you can get started collecting trash right away. In addition: discounts on #ETNW workshops (20%) and products (10%) as well as regular newsletters.

Convinced? 29 € + is our annual fee for official #ETNW members (since we're an NGO we'll never say no to a higher contributionthough).

Download the PDF membership form here, fill it out and send it to (get the the Adobe Acrobat Reader here:


As of now you can give a membership away to friends and family members.

Starterset (Drecksackerl, Mistzangerl & Tschickdoserl) ohne Fördermitgliedschaft erhalten

Du möchtest ein Starterset (Drecksackerl, Mistzangerl & Tschickdoserl) ohne eine Fördermitgliedschaft erhalten oder verschenken? Kein Problem! Überweise eine Spende von mindestens € 29,- auf unser Spendenkonto:

es tut nicht weh

Raiffeisenbank Wals-Siezenheim

IBAN: AT98 3507 1000 0015 7370



Gib beim Verwendungszweck bitte auch deinen Namen. Sende uns zusätzlich eine Mail an mit der Adresse, an die wir das Starterset senden dürfen.


In addition to getting active you can also support us with a donation.

Any amount helps to create a solid base for our NGO, organize events, and develop informative tools. In short: your donation will help us reach out to more people.


Donations can be made via money transfer to our Donation Account:

es tut nicht weh

Raiffeisenbank Wals-Siezenheim

IBAN: AT98 3507 1000 0015 7370


or via PayPal:

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button


Free, but not for nothing: in any case we invite you to become part of our community. Start collecting trash now and tell us and your friends about it. Share your photos on Facebook (@estutnichtweh) and Instagram using #estutnichtweh and #etnw – in short: tell your story so that we can grow the community together.

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